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Cem Sünger has experience in foam consuming sectors such as furniture industry, matress industry, clothing industry since 1995. It is the market leader under favour of adopting quality, good service and innovation as a principle.

It exports products several countries in Europe, Middle East, Russian Federation with it's 50 experienced employees.

Beside being the representative of industry leading brands, Cem Sünger is manufacturing own products with own brands.

Innovative products are provided to the industry with pursuing the latest technological changes by Cem Sünger.



Today, quality is the most influential factor in the selection of companies by their customers. Despite the price advantages of the short-term trade-off on "I'm not rich enough to use cheap products," the deterioration of the product in the long run reflects customer dissatisfaction and the loss of customers as the last chain of the chain. Despite the preservation of the day in the short term, it is inevitable that long-term enterprises will complete dominance in the market and, therefore, their continuity. For these reasons, the first step in the production of quality products, a quality product offering, is the most important procedure for every high-end manufacturer. Sectors that use several products in production need companies that are engaged in research, find products of high quality and closely monitor innovations that customers prefer.

Our company, which knows the needs of the market with its everyday experience from the past and attaches great importance to the desires of customers, keeps this understanding at the highest level regarding the quality of the products offered in the range. We must be able to meet the customer's needs for the quality that they expect from our products. For these reasons, Cem Sünger has become the first choice of high-quality firms in every sector where we supply products because of uncompromising understanding of quality.


In addition to quality, good service has become the second most important reason for the company's preferences. Especially B2B companies are more attentive to these issues. As a result, manufacturing companies need to plan the exact dates of the products they will use in their products, on the date they will provide customers, and plan which production date will start and what products will be produced in the next period. Companies such as Cem Sünger, whose product range includes thousands of products, have a team that can be experienced, dynamic and accurate in planning the process to accomplish this task, adhering to the perfectionism policy.

Good after-sales service, as well as after-sales service are also important for us? As a company for a quarter of a century who understands these values, we have adopted the principle of offering the fastest solution for all possible after-sales inquiries of our customers.


Preservation of modern innovations in each sector is a privilege that leading companies can make. Cem Sünger follows innovations in this sector with the help of its experienced team and presents its customers with real and profitable innovations.